NavMii vs GPSr


Good day folks

On a recent trip I lost my trusty old Nuvi 255 GPSr . For the return trip I resorted to my iPhone 6 with NavMii (Canada).

I paired my motorcycle helmet with the smartphone and enjoyed NavMii's voice prompts - something my old Nuvi doesn't do.

I missed the Nuvi- my waypoints, custom POIs and alerts but the NavMii app did a decent job and got me home on time.

My Nuvi was found at the hotel and I have since recovered it. Its back to the Nuvi on the RoadGlide but I'll certainly have to look at NavMii as a back up GPSr

What has your experience been with NavMii ? Good or bad ?
Did it effect your data usage etc ?
How did you find the map quality and updates to be?

I should say that I was using the free version of the app, not a paid version.

NavMii info at