Symphony in the Flint Hills


On the weekend of June 16th my lady and I traveled to Eskridge,KS, to attend the 2nd annual "Symphony in the Flint Hills" concert. Of course I used the gps to find the motel in Topeka and to drive to the concert site,which is outdoors. The first concert site was last year at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve 100 miles southwest of Kansas City.

Sounds like fun!

We have something like these outdoor concerts in San Diego that you may be interested in. They have a Summer Pop's series and this year they are playing music from Star Wars, and Musicals, and I think Clay Akins is coming for something special this summer too. I'm dying to go to the Broadway one. It's on the embarcadaro, by San Diego Bay. If you make a trip out this far west, I'd recommend it! =)

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