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St. Petersburg has a new amnesty program that waives the first parking ticket in our city, as long as the vehicle owner submits a receipt for $25.00 or more for purchases from local merchants.

This certainly is getting our town a lot of good will, especially with tourists. Does anyone else know of such a program in their community?

What about retail

What about retail businesses? They are not on the list of acceptable or unacceptable receipts.

Does the purchase date need to match the ticket date?

sounds like a good idea

sounds like a good idea

Free Lunch

Downtown Toledo OH has free street parking from 11a-2p during the week to encourage people to shop or go to a downtown restaurant.
Surface lots still charge you, tho.


That's a really good idea. An even better one would be to just limit parking to 2 hours to encourage people to do business in a community.

That doesn't seem to work

That doesn't seem to work out very well. employees do 2 hour shuffle and take up all the spaces all day long. Makes for little available parking for shoppers.

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Amnesty? That would require issuing a ticket in the first place.

LeapFroggie wrote:

Does anyone else know of such a program in their community?

In California a disabled placard lets you park all day without ever feeding the meter.

As it's easy to obtain the medical certification, 1 out of 8 California drivers are now able to legally park as long as they please.
Lax placard-abuse enforcement against those who "borrow" a disabled placard probably increases that number substantially.

great idea

That's a great idea. Last ticket I received here was for parking in zone that was previously allowed after 6pm. The town taped over the "except 6pm to 6am" part of the sign. The only way I could go to court for it was to refuse to pay and risk much higher fines.


My sister lives there. This is helpful info.

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Seems like ...

... that just acknowledges a parking availability problem.

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this type of thinking

does not make any sense. It's saying you can park illegally, then get out of it if you buy something.

I dunno. Everybody makes mistakes. But not learning from them is the wrong way. Should a ticket be $600+ like in Calif.? I think common sense says that's harsh. Should it be $5, $10, something insignificant? If so, then nobody will correct their behavior. In this case, it's $0.

Not to mention, it's regressive.

Many long years ago, stores

Many long years ago, stores would Validate your parking receipt when you bought something, so your parking was free. This was not for meters, but for the Parking Lots. Allowing exemption form the meters by buying something is not unreasonable.

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the Northeast looks at things differently, dunno if its people's integrity, shortage of resources, etc.

I think I told the story--we went to the hospital one day, and found the municipal parking lot to have a 10' fence around it. Because they wanted to prevent hospital goers from taking up a municipal spot, at $0.50/hr, when there is hospital provided parking, at $3 to $7 after a free 30 min.(more for valet). I did not know this ahead of time, so I scaled the wall and jumped. I'm sure there is 1080p video of my actions, so whether I have a warrant or not I cannot say.

I'm sure there is argument that since there is a Ferrari dealership within walking distance, you can certainly afford $7 to park. Maybe so, but $1 is better than $7.

Imagine how much it cost the township to build the wall? This isn't like Trump where you can have someone else pay for it.

Great concept

Wish other cities followed suit!

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The Official Word

zeaflal wrote:

What about retail businesses? They are not on the list of acceptable or unacceptable receipts.

Does the purchase date need to match the ticket date?

Two good points. I talked to the parking ticket fairy, and she told me that "$25 spent at any retail business (e.g., not an event or services business) is eligible unless the type of business is specifically excluded per the website" and that "yes, the receipts must be dated the same day as the ticket (not necessarily the same time...)".