Nuvi 2599LMT


Just purchased factory refurbished Nuvi 2599LMT. Have yet to check what mapset version is installed but I'm guessing update might be in order.

Anyone have experience with updating this unit ? If I use Garmin Express will I get large jcv file automatically or do I have to go thru same process to get large jcv as I had to do on my Nuvi 1490LMT ? Is large jcv file applicable on this unit since Nuvi 2599 displays junction views on split screen ?


With a map update, you'll get the appropriate split-screen jcv file and there is no need to manually install the 'large jcv file.'

Have fun, you should really enjoy it.


I have the similar 6" version and it works fine with GE.

Thx for the feedback...good

Thx for the feedback...good to know GE works.

BTW, how do you like your Nuvi 2699LMTHD ?