How to create a single .gpx file containing POI’s from several different files within a specific geographic area using Basecamp.

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Some basic knowledge of Garmin’s Basecamp software is helpful.

Create a .gpx file with just your home or desired center point location as a POI.

Import it along with any files containing the desired POI’s into “My Collection” in Basecamp. All POI’s will now be displayed on the map screen.

Using the “Select” tool on the toolbar, left click a point on the map that is the desired distance from your home or center point POI. The map scale in the lower right of the screen will give you an idea of the distance involved.

Hold the left mouse button and drag a square on the screen to encompass the desired area. All POI’s within this square will be highlighted in the POI column on the left of the screen.

Right click on any of the highlighted POI’s and select “Send To” from the drop down menu. Under “My Collection”, left click the file you created with your home or center point location. All highlighted files within the square will be transferred to this file. Export and save just this file. Note that the other files imported into “My Collection” and modified by Basecamp will not be affected unless exported and saved.

You can now import this file into EPE or other software for modification or load it directly into your GPSr.

This method allows you easily adjust the limits of the selected area and get a visual representation of the POI’s involved.