Server Move - Jan 29, 2016


POI Factory moved to a new server overnight. All of the content from the old server is now available here.

The move started at midnight Eastern time and was completed in about an hour.

Because Internet service providers sometimes save IP addresses for a while, it may take several hours before everyone is able to reach the web site on the new server.

Thank you for your patience.

Jonathan (aka JM)



It's working for me!

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Seems the move went smoothly.

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All good here

Thank you, JM.

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Thanks. Seamless here.

Thanks. Seamless here.

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All Is Well At This End

Thanks Jon.


That explains why I had to log in this morning. smile

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If I am on the new server

If I am on the new server writing this reply it is working for me. Thanks

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Thanks for the info

No problem for me.

I would have never known

If you hadn't advised us with this thread, thanks JM for the heads-up & working like a charm up here in Canada smile

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Is this the reason the .net extension went away?


Works like a charm here in Florida.


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Panache wrote:

Is this the reason the .net extension went away?

POI Factory has always used as its domain, but .net and other similar domains are registered and redirect to it.

For example, if you try using or, it redirects to This is normal.

Several years ago, we did temporarily use .net as a workaround for a very brief period during a server move for people who were having trouble with the IP address change. Since then, we switched our DNS service to Amazon Web Services; and changes have happened without any problems.

Apparently, it went pretty

Apparently, it went pretty seamlessly. I logged on about 9:30 or so this morning, and didn't even have to log in. Never would have noticed, had you not posted this.

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I didn't even have to relog in.

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Everything is here. Transition went well


Works here also.

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