best comercial motorcoach device


I am looking to purchase a new GPS mainly used for commercial motorcoach use. I am debating if a RV gps would be better than one for trucking. I would like the tools for CDL drivers but not an issue since we are using electronic logging. Anyone here use one for motorcoaches?

I found out that the Rand

I found out that the Rand McNally 730 has a setting for buses. I just picked one of those up to try. I will post if the bus feature is worth it. It does allow for setting height, weight, length, number of axels, etc. for the bus. So far it looks promising.

I use the DEZL 760, and it

I use the DEZL 760, and it has an RV mode. If you set the size of the RV to the size of the bus, it will do pretty good routing. But it won't obey commercial restrictions.

I use it in the truck mode, and size the truck as a 45' straight truck with no trailer. Just know that when it pops up the warning about Unknown truck suitability, you are on your own about whether you should continue. It won't route you on Truck Restrictions, unless it's at the end point of the routing. It will take you to the final end point, but just remember, the GPS is only a tool, and the final decision is yours.

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thank you

Yep the GPS is only a tool. There is a local hotel that has a island in the median blocking a right hand turn. There is a sign saying that the right turn is prohibited for trucks and busses. There was a driver that tried to make that right hand turn and his excuse was "the gps told me to." Guess how well that went over.....

I am using the Rand McNally 730 and the bus feature works well. I wish I could save each asset that we have so it pulls up the weight, length and height. We have 9 different types of busses so that would be helpful. It does a pretty good job of routing. I did use it a couple weeks in my car on bus mode before using it in the bus but had no issues. I like the size of the unit and it is pretty easy to use.