Tennessee Valley Authority Campgrounds


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Last updated 06/29/2007

Raw file: TVA Campgrounds_V.csv (833 bytes)

Includes 11 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: AL, TN
  • some may be in: MS (near a border)

I went back and spotted all 11 campgrounds in Google Earth. A couple were way off from www.batchgeocode.com.

A list of the 11 campgrounds the Tennesee Valley Authority manages in Tennessee and Alabama. Most of the locations were geocoded by www.batchgeocode.com but a few I spotted manually using Google Earth.

"The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) was established by an Act of Congress signed into law on May 18, 1933. It's primary purpose was constructing dams for generating power, improving river navigation, and flood control. The TVA has also constructed some 100 public recreation areas including campgrounds, day-use areas, and boat launching ramps. Every year millions of people visit TVA reservoirs and enjoy the recreational opportunities they provide." www.roadnotes.com/publiclands/tva.htm