All season tires


Anyone have recommendations on tires, especially all-season? I just got Continental DWS 06. Haven't put many miles yet. Looking forward to the snow in the northeast.


While important they have the required tread and proper inflation, don't play as important a role in safe winter driving as the nut holding the steering wheel.

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We had the earlier version

Conti DWS on one of our cars. It could not make it up our driveway when it snowed.

Winter tires FTW !

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All season tires

All season tires are know considered 3 season tires as the tread is not much good below 7 deg.C. Real snow tires are far supiorer than summer tires. Tires with a snowflake are the prefered choice,better traction,stopping and overal grip. Check out the differance on line or at your tire dealer,there is a big difference.


tires are over rated for snow driving

Use tracks instead..

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Where and what car?

What part of the northeast do you drive in? Near the coast or inland? Is the car front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive?

With a strong El Nino, this year might not be a good test.

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Look like nice tires!!!!

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Check out Discount Tires

Check out Discount Tires ( - they have good reviews. But, just when you think you have the tires you want you get some jerk who drives a Mustang saying the tires suck - lol. Good luck.

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I Stick With Michelin

I tried a couple other brands, but they just weren't as pleasant as the Michelins. The Michelins have produced the highest miles, and are the roundest, smoothest, easiest to balance, and quietest. Although the Michelins have a high price, their cost is lowest. I kept track, and the Michelins delivered the lowest cost per mile.

Just remember, all-season tires are not full blown snow tires. An all-season tire is trying to be all things to all needs all the time, that is a set up for failure, or at least reduced expectations. There are compromises.

Probably the best thing to do is get dedicated snow tires for the the winter months in an area like New England, and then very nice summer tires for the non-winter seasons.

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Tire noise

If you buy snow tires, be sure to keep your vehicle aligned and do rotate the tires periodically.

If you don't keep it aligned, after a while the tires will start to become noisy! They will start to make a roaring type noise. This will be so gradual an increase that you may not notice it, until someone else comments on the noise.

Ever passed one of those jacked-up 4WD with the giant non-stock tires and wonder how they can even hear the radio. Well, they don't sound that loud when new. Uneven wear from misalignment will cause the noise. The wider the tread grooves, the louder the roar.

I have P265/70R17 Goodyear Wranglers (Stock Size) and they can make obnoxious noise if neglected (2 previous trucks with the same size). I got over 100,000 mi. with the factory tires and I could have gotten more, but with winter coming and no way to get to our house without going down a hill then up a hill - I replaced them.

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Snow tires

Nokian tires have an excellent reputation and are highly recommended as one of the top/best winter tires.

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All weather vs All season tires vs Winter tires

smile Out here in the west where we deal with mountain passes (snow and ice) we are required to carry chains or have traction tires - the best solution are "Nokian WR G3" (all weather tires) They can be left on your vehicle all year and offer superior traction in many weather conditions - and best of all, they are accepted as traction tires by the local chain-up police. No need to have separate tires for winter.