Garmin Speed limit display - Which models can change a speed limit value?

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Some Garmin On-The-Road GPS devices can change displayed speed limit values on roads where the current City Navigator map has an incorrect speed limit. Although not often displayed in a Garmin model's specifications, Garmin does offer a FAQ identifying the models with this feature. Note that in the list below, the final zero is important as the feature is not offered on models with a final non-zero digit. Explained another way, the nuvi 2400 series in this case means the 24x0 series, and not the 24xx series since the 24x5 devices do not have this feature.

Note also that if an owner revises a street's speed limit, these corrections will be lost upon doing a Hard Reset and upon doing a Garmin map update. Owners can use Garmin Express to back up a device's speed limit corrections and the backed up corrections can be restored to a device after a hard reset or map update.

Garmin On-The-Road GPS models that can edit a street's speed limit value:

dezl 560
LIVE 2300 series
nuvi 2200 series
nuvi 2300 series
nuvi 2400 series
nuvi 3400 series
nuvi 3500 series

To use the feature:

-Touch the Speed limit icon
-Touch Set Speed limit (skip this step on some devices)
-Adjust the speed using the up and down arrows
-Touch Save once the desired speed limit is selected
The updated speed limit will now display for this road.