Smartphone Link and FourSquare.


Just updated my 3597 to 2016.20. My wife found a new restaurant (opened about 6 weeks ago) that she though would be good for supper so I did a search, GPS & Basecamp, but of course I did not find it. This morning I did a search on Smartphone Link on my Android phone and I found it. It is one of those shopping center things were the street address really has no good indication of the actual location but Foursquare had it pin pointed at the exact location. 3597 does not support Foursquare (?) but the phone says it will transfer to GPS. Is all I need a Bluetooth connection?.
BTW, no problems with the map update.


All you need to do is pair your phone with the 3597. You can pair so it does data only and keeps the audio paired to your vehicle's sound system (which is what I do).

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Looking in the wrong place.

Thank you, I was looking for the transfer to be in Saved Places, it puts it in Recent, so I have to Save it myself. No big deal.

Foursqurare update?

I see two "versions" of Foursquare. the built in on some newer Nuvis and the Smartphone version. When are they updated and if the Smartphone version is more current is it possible to delete the file on the Nuvi?