Google Car Spotted


I saw one of the Google Street View cars on the other side of I-64 today. They were in the far right lane (Slow Lane?) and being passed a lot.

Don't know if it was "Active" or not. Guess I'll find out in a month or 2.

This is the 3rd time I've seen one. All on the Interstate.

Anybody else ever seen one?

Did you wind up in the "Street View"?

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I've seen the car twice. Once in our small city in British Columbia, Canada and once in our subdivision in Mesa AZ where our winter house is.

Although I haven't ended up on Streetview, our son was out cleaning out gutters at his house in Ontario, Canada and did end up there.

We also were staying at The M hotel in Las Vegas a few years ago and the Navteq (now HERE) map vehicle was parked right beside us one day.

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They drove by my house while I was mowing ... wondred if I would ever see myself in street view. It took a couple of years, and only shows from kind of an odd angle from a side street ... but there I was pushing my mower across the driveway.

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iI knew I'd seen that image too!!!

alandb wrote:

but there I was pushing my mower across the driveway.

I saw that street view image.. I wondered what you charged for cutting air on concrete driveways razz

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Tom Tom Car

I saw a car, yesterday and today, in Kitchener, Ontario. I first thought it was Google. We were both stopped on opposite sides of a stop light and when we got the green, I was able to read Tom Tom on the side and Xtreme on the hood.

Don't know what they are doing.

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I did

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