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I have enjoyed Streets and Maps with the POI available, I had not updated my maps for a good time. I bought a new computer and went online to get the latest version I was blindsided by the fact that they had discontinued Streets and Maps. I use a Rand GPS and continue to use the updates but I used the Streets and Maps planning my trip, the POI's helped so much in finding all the things needed by an RV. So not where do we go for a map system that can be used like streets and maps. That was like finding out about an old friend three days after he had been buried.

Montie Matlock

Streets and Trips.

I assume you are referring to Microsoft Streets and Trips. Yes, that was discontinued some time ago. Mapquest has also eliminated the route transfer function. AFAIK, you can still use Delorme Street Atlas USA to transfer routes to a Garmin device ... don't know if it works on a Rand.

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I don't

I don't know if this will work with the Rand either but I've been using the free version of the PC program Tyre to create routes and transferring them to my Nuvi.

You can get a copy of Tyre from

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