how long do you keep your garmin?


The 680 broke in 3 yrs, but this 2350 is past 4....only one annoyance is the odd maps that lack 20 y.o. roads (nuvi says to navigate off road), and that it routes one way to a location, a different way back sometimes. But overall it still works....

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I usually "break" mine in

I usually "break" mine in about 2 years then I need a new one. I usually get one with lifetime maps for about $100 so it is no big investment.


I still have my C530

to use as backup smile

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We still have the 2008 Nuvi 260 hardwired in the car to alert for RLC locations an occasional search around town, this one has the original map so any routing may contain errors.

For the road the Nuvi 2460 still going strong as long as Garmin keeps sending updates

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I Still Use

I still use my Garmin 350 & 370 for daily & international travel. While updates have ceased awhile ago, I find it very useful except for one or two spots I know about.


nuvi 350

My Nuvi 350 has been going about 8 years now, had to replace the battery 1 year ago.

How long do I plan on keeping my 2 Nuvi & 2 Oregons?

For as long as it takes GRMN to bring it's 4 digit Nuvi line and their hand held hikers up to core circa 2015 technology & competency. Otherwise I now consider them as amateur/hobbyist products to be priced & respected accordingly. rolleyes

Until it dies

I get a unit with free lifetime updates and figure I am good to go until it isn't good to go anymore.

Same as with our cars--

Keep 'em as long as they run. My old 660 died a while back (was really slow and didn't have a lot of room for maps). One of the 680s is still running and we use it as a backup.

No compelling new features until we get boxes that make use of the new frequencies for greater accuracy.

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Still have all mine....

I have a Street Pilot C340, TWO Nuvi1490Ts, a Garmin/Kennwood KNA G510 GPS add-on for a Kenwood head unit, and a 2599LMT-HD.... they ALL work!

I loan them out once in a while to friends who are interested in finding out what a GPS is all about, so I keep them updated with the latest maps (the C340 is limited due to memory, but even the traffic works with the "traffic" power cord).

BTW.. all my cars also have factory built-in GPS systems, but I still prefer my Garmins because they flat-out work better .....especially the 2599LMT-HD with lifetime maps and HD Traffic. I love the voice-activated commands!

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How Long To Keep Garmin?

I've had mine for over 5 years now. Eventually I'll get another one... but if I do, then I'll have to change my Poi-Factory log in name. wink


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I guess my first Nüvi 300

I guess my first Nüvi 300 is about 10 years old, the sound is almost gone, power button is almost gone,, the charger has fall apart, but with free maps after tip here it still running good enough. (it starts when i put a charger to it or press the button as hard as I can)
My second Garmin, a Nüvi 3597 is almost two yeears old at the moment and works just fine.

Between my two garmins i had a Navigon 70, it lasted almost a year and then the screen got all screwed up, the receipt was never found and the support never gave me any answer, but my Nüvi 300 like the Navigon charger. smile

I guess i am also Garmin Fan-Boy! smile

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How long...

Until it Break!...

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Still using 265

Still using 265 smile

Every two years I get a new

Every two years I get a new one and sell the old one

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I've had my 775 since '09, and my 3790 since '11. Both are still working well. The 775 is due for a battery replacement, though.

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Still Using

Almaz wrote:

Still using 265 smile


My Garmin I-5 is still going strong.

However, I've bought three Garmin's (260W, 1450LMT, 2460LMT) since then ... all of which are also still mapping away. To top it off, a friend recently gave me his old Garmin 205 GPS, which he said was terminal, however, I managed to resurrect it ... so I currently have five working GPS's.

And I'm always looking for my next one.

Curious, though, does anybody else have a working I-series gps?

Garmin 205, 260W, 1450LMT, 2460LMT, HEREwego for iPhone ... all still mapping strong.

Keeping mine

I have a Garmin 765T and have no intention of getting rid of it, parts are also readily available on Ebay!

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Keep Garmin

My 660 is 9 years old and still working like new. I replaced the original battery about a year ago.

I'm not looking for a new one.......


Until it breaks

Still using the Nuvi 265WT I bought about 6 years ago. Bought lifetime map updates, so I see no reason to replace it as long as it keeps working.

How Long Do You Keep Your

How Long Do You Keep Your Garmin?

Until it no longer is useful for my needs.

I have two nearly 10 year old Zumo's (550 & 450) Researching user comments on newer motorcycle GPS's I saw quite a few comments from folks saying the newer ones weren't as good as the older units, sure they have more features but some things were simply better on the older units. I've kept the older units as a result.

On the flip-side I had a 330 Street Pilot but wanted a larger screen and spoken street names so I sold the 330 and got a 2460.

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It Depends

I try to stay current, within 2 years or so, with my automotive GPSr’s. I still use my trusty 265 on occasion though.

Handhelds are a different story. I still have my GPS II+ which I bought in 1996. Its use is limited now but its successor, the GPS V, released in 2003, is still used frequently. The black and white screen is small but it is the only GPSr I’ve seen to date that can be clearly read in direct sun.

Four Years Now

I've had my most recent vehicle unit, a Garmin Nuvi, a little over four years now. Been looking at a new one, but haven't decided what unit is best for me as far as price range.

I've had my Garmin Colorado 400c hand held since late 2008.

I've had mine for 7 years

I've had mine for 7 years now. Still working

Mine lasted 4 years.

Mine lasted 4 years.

just gave away a couple 250's

just gave away a couple of 250's to people that didn't have GPS's I still have a 760 and a 40LM 3950LTM

Even though I've moved on to

Even though I've moved on to a newer Nuvi, I still have both an old Nuvi 350 that is still going strong, and an old Garmin Vista that still gets used from time to time.


I bought my 765T back in 2010. I still have it and have changed the battery twice because the first replacement I got turned out to be rather junky. It works fine and has lifetime traffic on it. I did debate upgrading but I have lifetime maps for it so as long as it is still supported I'll stick with it. Newer Garmin's would require me to get new accessories (I have a C330 and had a C550) and all used the same power cables and mounts.

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Nuvi 755

I have resumed using my Nuvi 755 (bought about 2008) since Google simply can not resist messing up their Maps app. I like the fact that Google keeps their map database updated, but you can never count on it to work consistently, so I rely on my Nuvi since it works the same way every time I turn it on. If I need NEMA data output it has that, too.

I can also manage the waypoints on it with POI Editor and do whatever I want with them. Google keeps removing features like that with every update.

The touchscreen is getting increasingly unresponsive so that's the one thing I'd like to remedy. I don't care about the outdated map database since I like chasing trains that run next to U.S. highways which have been around forever. No problem there.

I had an old handheld brick,

I had an old handheld brick, don't even remember the brand or model. Used it until the GPS signal format changed years ago. Could have put it in a museum.

So will continue using the ones I have access to until they die, or I do, which ever comes first, I guess.

I never get lost, but I do explore new territory every now and then.

As long as I can keep them going...

Got a Garmin 760 in Dec of 2008, then picked up a 765T in Sep 2012, primarily for the added Junction View, Lane Assist, and over speed limit indication features. In about Jun of 2013, the 765T was stolen. I was going to upgrade with the insurance claim payout, but none of the newer models had all of the same features that I liked and used so much. Instead I was able to find and get another in-the-box new 765T on eBay. They both have lifetime map updates and FM traffic - the latter being always active and accurate enough to be useful and very handy in SoCal. I use the 765T primarily, and the 760 for backup and sometimes in the other car. On the 760, I have replaced the battery once, and transitioned to installing the NA map updates onto a larger SD card, since they no longer fit in internal memory, even with all of the unneeded alternate language files removed. Other than an occasional un-commanded power reset, they both work beautifully, and as long as they still work and I can get periodic map and POI updates on them, I have no intention of getting anything else. smile

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My 1450 and 1490

I bought the 1450 because I thouht it was what I wanted. I then found out about the Ecoroute program so I bought the 1490 wich did the engine error report codes.
This came in effect for as I was traveling north of Phoenix about 50 miles when the car came to a stop.
The Garmin ecoroute system told me that the transmission went bad and the water pump was not working. A simple call for tow and we were back in the Phoenix area.
After telling the service area the codes it became an area of how long am I willing to stay to fix my old car of over 200,000 miles or do I buy another. I ended getting a new Prius.

A Loooong Time

I still have the Garmin eMap that I bought back in the late 1990's. It was the first GPS I ever saw that had a road map.

I don't really use it anymore. They stopped making updates for it long ago, which is just fine, considering that I no longer own any computers with the serial port needed to connect its data cable for the updates.

The map included in the device's firmware is strictly interstates and highways for 99% of the map, with street-level detail in the very centers of major cities. You could not search addresses or business names unless you purchased additional software (which on its own cost about what a modern nav system runs) for a specific region, then you could download a section of that region to the proprietary memory card.

Guidance to a destination was simply a compass needle that pointed a straight line to the destination, without regard to roadways and obstacles. It had roadways on the moving map, but the system didn't navigate by way of them.

4 years

used only when I travel away from home...

My 660 has been around for

My 660 has been around for many years. Traffic and Lifetime maps purchased many years ago.

about 4 years ago, the file system became horribly scrambled such that could not be backed up.... but it kept working.

about a year ago, the windshield plug wiring stopped working for the Traffic/DC connection.... Stopped charging...
I Jerry Rigged a usb cable such that it would charge and run as a gps (instead of just terminal connection mode, so I now have two USB Cables: One to Charge and run, and one for connection to a computer for updates and charging.

During this time of getting it to work, I changed the battery to see if maybe that was the cause of it not charging.... No it was the windshield interface that died, and the Custom USB Cable fixed it....

This custom cable did mean that my lifetime traffic stopped, because the receiver was in the windshield power plug....

BUT though Traffic died, and the System files are scrambled and won't let me back it up...... It still runs, and I update the maps via SD Card!!!

As far as I can tell, this 660 will be used and maps will be updated (THAT IS, IF GARMIN EVERY RELEASES THE UPDATED MAPS) until it no longer operates....

My 2689LMT is about a year old and works fine

A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

until it breaks except

I usually keep it till it breaks, ecxept someone wrote about the functions of the Nuvi 3597 and that it was being discontinued, so I gave my Nuvi 765t (which was still working after a quick repair for a unresponsive screen and new battery) to my son and treated myself to the new mode. I have not regretted my decision.

Garmin 3597 is a keeper

I used to buy a mid-range Garmin, use it for a couple of years and buy a later model. Since getting the 3597 I've been satisfied with the unit, have no interest in the current models and can't think of what Garmin might add to interest me in switching.

Until it stops working

I'd estimate 4 or 5 years on average.

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when it's dead

when it's dead or cant be updated

nuvi 2757LM-65LM-65LM

How Long?

Got my 350 when it first came out and it finally conked out last year. Now I have a few of the cheaper bare bones models that everyone in the family uses whenever they want and they are going strong. I have no need for anything other than basic guidance with voice so will not upgrade unless they also conk out.


Almost 8 Years

Still have my 260W. Works fine, but battery is pretty much worn out and I don't use it often. My 3490 is 4 years old (I believe) and is used regularly. Could use a larger screen type, and will buy one some day.

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I've had three

Each has lasted at least 5 years. The biggest reason I got a new one each time, frankly, was to just get more modern technology.

Nuvi 2460

First unit

My GPSmap76S was bought in 2003 and is still working.
Cant bring myself to throw it out

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Good Thing

Kind of like a good wife, why replace a perfectly good working thing with something new. (New is not always better) laugh out loud smile

Not sure I can go through all the training over again wink

johnm405 660 & MSS&T

Just retired my Nuvi 680 this year

I repo'd my better half's 2460 lmt for non-use.

Bigger screen, faster processor, lifetime maps.....why did I wait so long???

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Keep until it dies

Keep until it dies

750 & 760

I'm still using my 750 and 760. About seven years now.

nüvi 750 & 760


As long as I can update it, it works like the day I bought it.. I had to buy a few extra batteries though.. Easy install..

I keep mine until it no

I keep mine until it no longer works.

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