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When you are posting information in the POI Factory forum, it is often desirable to provide a link directly to another post, either in the same forum thread or in a different thread. To do this, you need to find the post that you want to link to, then determine 3 numeric values that are used to construct the link URL. The three values are the page number within the thread that the post is on, the thread ID and the post ID. You can then use these three numbers to construct the URL link with the following syntax.

URL syntax:<thread ID>?page=<p-1>#comment-<post ID>

where <thread ID>, <p-1> and <post ID> are numeric values that uniquely identify the specific post. <p-1> is the page number within the thread that the post is contained on minus 1. For example if the post is on the third page of the thread, <p-1> is 2, so you would include ?page=2 in your URL link. If the post is on the first page of a thread, you can include ?page=0 or just eliminate the ?page= syntax altogether.

To determine the <thread ID> and <post ID>, find the post you want to link to and click "Reply". Look at the reply URL in the address bar of the browser. The thread ID and post ID are the two numbers at the end of the Reply URL. Note: On most browsers, you can just hover on the Reply link and the reply URL will show in the info bar at the bottom of the window. If you actually click on "Reply", don't forget to back out of the reply dialog so you don't accidently submit the reply to the post your are viewing.

Here is an example of a reply URL showing the <thread ID> of 39727 and a <post ID> of 325535.

Example reply URL:

This post happens to be on page 1 of the thread, so the following URL is what you would construct for your post to provide a clickable link directly to the referenced post.

Example link URL:

Usage Tip: To make it easier to use this method of linking to another post, I create a bookmark for the following URL and lock it into my browsers Bookmark bar.<thread ID>?page=0#comment-<post ID>
When I want to use it, I open a new tab, and select this favorite. It will give a "Page not found" error, but it makes it easy to copy and paste the thread ID and post ID values shown on the original page to the address bar in the new tab. This also allows you to test the constructed link to make sure it works. You then can copy the updated link from the address bar back into your post.