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I bought the Garmin for my job. I go to various job sites in a given day. Can anyone tell me how to input locations at the beginning of the day such that it will tell me which location is the next closest as I go form location to location without having to reload locations. Can it be done with recently found or favorites? Do I need to load a program?


Make the job sites Favorites. You can even make a new category called "Job Sites" inside Favorites.

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Here is some info on using

Here is some info on using the categories feature for favorites. also

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Display order

Favorites are displayed in order with the closest first.

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the 52LM

This model is an entry level unit that does not support multipoint routing. Your options are limited in that you would have to store the job sites for each day and then route to them by selecting the closest from either favorites or as a custom POI.

You also need to know/remember the distance between sites is shown as a straight line distance and the actual roads used can add many miles between the sites.

A unit capable of multipoint routing will let you load all the addresses and then sort them to the most efficient route.

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Thinking through your question, I believe that you will find it easier to rely on "Recently Found" - especially since you say that you will " input locations at the beginning of the day".

Let's say that - instead of "Recently Found", you use "Favorites" to store the job sites. While it is true that "favorites" will show you job site locations in order of distance from your current location, what will happen tomorrow when you input (perhaps) new job sites. Everything will still be in order but you may have several pages and will have to remember what today's job sites are. After several days this may get to be a problem. Of course, you can delete favorites but that gets to be a hassle because there will likely be some "Favorites" that are not job sites that you wish to keep. Deleting Favorites is not as straightforward as we would like.

Plus, in order to have "categories" you must have at least 12 "Favorites".

If, at the start of each day, you enter today's job sites into the 52, I think they will show in the device in the reverse order of how they were entered. However, they will have the distance beside them and so you can easily see which is closest to your current location.

The next day, before you are entering job sites, you would first select Recently Found and press the three bars to "clear" yesterday's Recently Found before going back and entering today's job sites using, say, "address".

I think that would be easier that trying to use Favorites.

We will be interested in hearing from you what you do and how it works out.

Again, welcome.


I used this method on my Nuvi 265 that also would not do routes.Not sure if you would want to do this everyday unless a lot of days are repeat. (link no longer available) .As covered earlier if you make a category for favorite like trip a. You would be able to store them to use for a later time if the same scheduled will be repeated in the future.

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