Distracted Driving in Ontario Fines increasing


Distracted driving fines in Ontario are increasing from $60-$500, to $300-$1000, plus 3 demerit points. Goes into effect, in September.


Same fines will apply, for dooring a cyclist. Must allow 3 foot clearance when passing a cyclist.

Must also wait for pedestrians to completely cross the road, at school crossings and pedestrian controlled crosswalks.

Drug impaired drivers will get same penalties as for alcohol, including police ability to issue roadside suspension.

Will have to change lanes or slow down for tow trucks, that are stopped at side of road. This is the same as we have to do for police and other emergency vehicles.

Hopefully this will help.


I hope it helps, too ...

... but I'm not optimistic. The actual penalties for texting while in control of a vehicle - or whatever words they decide to put around it - don't really matter if the police cannot (or choose not to) deliver effective enforcement of that law.


I think they should suspend a incense if there caught texting for a month or two on the first offence , some people cant drive and talk on the phone and I don't know any body that can text and drive. its a shame it takes an accident or some body has to get hurt to prove it to them.

the biggest

Problem with tickets is the punnishment isn't usually sufficient to be a real deterent.

Text while driving - punnishment - $5000 fine, 30 days in jail, loss of license for 5 years.

Drive while having license suspended / revoked - instant felony, fine $40,000 and 5 years in prison.

Think that would get the attention of the public? A few convictions and the actual handing out of the punishments might cause some real social change.

Ok Ok so I'm a hard add on some of these topics... I admit it.

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