Hi guys , im new here i just got 2798lmt , i also have 3590lmthd so i can compare , both units are great 3590 is like smartphone glass screen 2798 is like any other garmin screen maps idea the same i like screen of 2798lmt its big ,, i specialy bought it to fit in my sienna 2011 , the difference so far i notice is : 3590 has customisible dash board 4 options can be there , time , temp arival time , distance , and it can be changed the way you like on 2798 not like that , second thing cyclops safety cameras cant be loaded on 2798lmt ,its not compatible , i like it on my 3590 !sound from 2798 is great speach recognition is great its even understand my accent , no complains i did not try it on road yet cause just got it but will post updates promtly . Otherwise simmilar both units except camera ,ill do installation this saturday.
Any questions let me know will be happy to answer cause i found ther is no much live info about 2798lmt.


I was debating which one to get, just got 3590, about to take it for a road trip



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We usually recommend the following.

There is a "Learn" button in the upper right of this page next to "red light cameras" that takes you to a Getting Started page. It is worthwhile visiting this page.

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Since you are new here, I encourage you to go through a couple of the Tutorials.

The first link makes sure the settings on your computer are such that you can do more advanced POI loading.

The next link helps you make a backup of your GPS by attaching it to your computer. (NEVER do anything to your GPS until you have a backup). It also assures that you put your (newer) unit into a state where you can see all of the folders there.

Let us know how we can help you enjoy your GPS.


im using 3590lmthd for about a year with loaded cyclops red light cams , and its linked to my android getting weather traffic etc. I like it , i have no complains fast and good.

2798 / RV760

Welcome to the Factory!

I owned a 2798 briefly and loved the unit! The BC-20 backup camera and 7” screen are great features which I now can’t do without. The BC-20 camera is wireless and a snap to install.

Since I use the unit mainly with my pickup and trailer, I decided to return the 2798 and replace it with an RV760. The 760 looks identical to, and has all the great features of the 2798 with a few extras designed for larger vehicles.

I also have a Nuvi 3597, which like the 2798 and RV760, aren’t compatible with Garmin’s Cyclops safety camera feature. Instead, I use the red light and speed camera POI files available here at the Factory. The files are downloadable free if you’re a contributor. Arguably, they are more accurate than Garmin’s Cyclops database since they are updated constantly with field reports from POI Factory members.

Again, welcome aboard!

Is garmin ever going to

Is garmin ever going to allow the 25"" or 27"" units to run cyclops files

Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the info.

What is involved with the

What is involved with the installation of the camera?

Installation: The video

jmacri79 wrote:

What is involved with the installation of the camera?