The Digital Map Business Buyout Saga Continues!


More or less then OSM? Google or Apple Maps? Nokia thinks HERE is worth about 2 billion euros. According to the Bloomberg article: "The company’s map business provides data to Inc., Microsoft Corp., Yahoo! Inc. and four out of five car-navigation systems."


precarious for Garmin

This puts Garmin in a precarious position and may explain why we have heard nothing about a renewal of the agreement between Garmin and Here which expires at the end of this year.

Too bad Garmin isn't in a financial condition to acquire the Here mapping products.

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Well... The positive side is the sale might not happen...

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Uber submits bid for HERE Maps (+) :

"Uber Technologies Inc. has submitted a bid for HERE, Nokia Oyj’s maps business, for as much as $3 billion, the New York Times reported, citing people familiar with the matter."

Why do I feel that "interesting" is not quite the word I'm looking for to describe this development? But wait, there is even more in these articles.

Heads up GRMN: Mapquest may become available yet!

The news this morning of course is that Verizon has made a $4.4B offer for AOL. The issue of merit here for those on the forum & GRMN is that AOL is owner of Mapquest. It seems that Mapquest is not being considered the jewel of the AOL purchase. Which means that VZ might be willing to spin off MQ for a song. Certainly less than the reported UBER $3B offer for Navteq/HERE. GRMN could always outsource the handling MQ advertising back to VZ for a commission, w/ the resulting MQ income going to >>>

So is anyone home there at the top of GRMN or does the company really need a new set of investment bankers as I have suggested awhile back?


Really never noticed how much competition there is in the map world.

Map Buyout Saga

Very interesting reading.

Thanks for the info.

It will be...

....interesting to see how all of these shakes out.

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