33 Best Donuts Shops in America

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Last updated 04/26/2015

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If the donut was becoming newly hip again last year during our first compendium of the best donut shops across the country, it is a full-blown trend now, as artisanal donut shops have risen up like those magical yeasty treats all across America. And though, at times, it can start to feel like the Great Cupcake Trend of 2010, we think the donut revolution has stronger legs to stand on, because -- unlike the cupcake -- it is not an afterthought, but an essential part of your daily morning routine (right, doctors?).

To that point, we’ve expanded our list from 21 to 33 this year, keeping many of the strongest shops from last year, and adding an entire roster of new and deserving spots everywhere from Kentucky and Ohio, to Northern California and Virginia. If we missed your favorite, let us know in that bastion of unfettered social democracy known as the comments, but for now, it’s time to make (with) the donuts.