Good Sam Trip Planner download to Garmin Nuvi


Is it possible to download a trip from Good Sam Trip Planner to my Garmin Nuvi 500? Good Sam trip planner is designed to download to Rand McNally Good Sam GPS, but I wonder if I could download to Garmin instead?

a qualified yes

The format for a RM CSV file shares some of the same characteristics as a GARMIN CSV but has additional entries that are not in the Garmin format. So yes, it can be loaded but not without editing or conversion to GPX format.

I understand (but have not checked) POI Loader will not process a CSV if it has more than 4 fields. Rand McNally uses up to 9 fields which is why yu need to either edit the CSV or convert it.

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Thanks Boxcar; Looks like

Thanks Boxcar; Looks like I'll have to wait until someone comes up with a easy-peasy procedure!

not difficult at all

It's not difficult at all to do the conversion/editing. If you have a PC, download the latest (5.97) version of Extra_POI_Editor and look at my two FAQs on it. This will teach you how to set up EPE and lead you to creating a profile to input RM CSV files and convert them to GPX almost automagically. You can then load the GPX and have a full featured file that can be loaded into BaseCamp and turned into a route where waypoints are not announced.

The first 3 fields are the same as Garmin's, LON, LAT and POI Name. The remaining fields can be combined together into the 4th field used by Garmin or into a GPX allowing you to have the phone numbers dialable from the unit.

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