Helping friend with NUVI 2597LMT


I'm helping a friend with their 2597. I have 2555, but not familiar with 2597. The firmware has not been updated and map is 2014.2.

1. On the 2555 I can set the dashboard to show four functions on bottom of nav screen. How do I do that with 2597?

2. My friend says it seems to take a long time to lock on sats. It seemed longer than my 2555, but I don't know if 2597 tends to be slow. She might also have been moving at the time, but not sure. Maybe fact that firmware has not been updated is a factor.

I would appreciate some guidance.


Dashboard changes

It may be discussed on pp5-6 of the owners manual:

It also may be that the 2597 doesn't support the features you have on your 2555 and if so, hopefully someone with knowledge of this will reply soon.

It doesn't. The only

It doesn't. The only shortcuts you can add to the screen are accused by clicking the icon on the bottom right of the screen.

Make sure you haven't traveled very far from where you turned it off. Moving while trying to get a lock definitely increases the lock on time. Also, if it's been a while since turning it on, it can take a while to connect. It shouldn't be any slower than your 2555.

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thank you

I suspected a much. Typical Garmin engineering, where they take away useful features, that cost them nothing on engineering costs, if they were left in.

ibwill pass along the info about the lock on speed.

Thanks again for the help.


Map buttons

The 2597 has the map button feature to show tabs at the right of the map screen.See .Be sure to click on all the links for added information.

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I wrote

I wrote an FAQ here that I believe will allow you to add custom buttons to the map screen of the 2597. The FAQ is for the 3597 but AFAIK it also applies to most other models from that model year. Here is the link to the FAQ:

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Another Manual link