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So I have been doing HERE's Map Creator for awhile now and have been making additions and changes in other countries. Now, HERE has *just* made it where you can apply to edit the United States. I have applied and was granted editing privileges.
As far as I'm concerned, a new era is coming smile It is time to put our money where our mouth is and actually *do* something about the lack of map accuracy. I am starting in my area, and I encourage others to do the same.

What link?

Narvick, how about posting a link to HERE. I think your idea is right on.


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It looks like this will get you started

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That's the one!

TXRVer wrote:

It looks like this will get you started

That's it. Just register. I don't know if the application was open to anybody or if there were criteria, but once you register, go to the Map Creator. Send in a map update request the traditional way. When you do so, it will thank you for your feedback and then provide a link to "apply for full editing rights in the United States."

The only roads not editable are high-precision roads.
You can also edit POIs with this process.

And What Is...?

Narvick wrote:

The only roads not editable are high-precision roads.

Ok, I'll bite. What's a


"High Precision Road"



I'm not really lost.... just temporarily misplaced!


What is a high-precision road?

This type of road has a more complex geometry that was collected by HERE field experts using special GPS equipment and other tools to increase geometrical accuracy. High-precision roads afford better positioning, more precise turn guidance and better display of other location content in relation to road geometry. These roads are also used as one type of sensor for 'Advanced Driver Assistance Systems’ applications (ADAS).

Thanks for the notice

It has seldom happened to me in the past, but when I am looking for an address that is not in the system, the experience can be very frustrating.

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Thanks for posting this. This looks really interesting.