Garmin RINO/Monterra Hybrid


I was looking at both the Garmin RINO series and the Garmin Monterra and I was thinking that a hybrid of those two devices would be quite handy. Essentially a Garmin Monterra with a built in two way radio. It would be nice to have when you are "off the grid."

I Agree

As a previous owner of both the Montera and Rino 530HCX , I tend to agree about the advantages of a hybrid unit with their combined features. The unit would be further enhanced with the addition of full cellular capability.

I found the Rino to be an excellent FRS/GMRS radio but a bit lacking as a GPS receiver due to it's small screen size and limited programmability. If the unit had cellular capability, I would still be using it today.

The same is true with the Montera which is an excellent stand alone GPS receiver. It's WiFi feature is useful but the overall functionality is limited without full cellular capability.

These days, I use 3 separate units on the trail. I get what I need from my Montana 650, iPhone 5S, and good old Motorola T6400 GMRS radio.

still, the idea of having the features of all three in a single unit is entertaining but a difficult engineering challenge to be sure.