What if my device does not support the SD card feature?


What if my device does not support the SD card feature?

As maps increase in detail, they also increase in size. Some devices do not have enough internal memory to store the entire map. Usually Garmin Express will offer to use a SD card.

However, if the device doesn't support a SD card, you will be offered the option to choose a region that will fit on the internal memory and an additional option to send the complete map image to the computer, if the full image is wanted. Once the update is complete, the remaining maps can be installed to an SD card using the Garmin MapInstall application.

The following devices require the use of MapInstall to install map data to an SD card if the map does not fit directly on the device during the map update:

Aviation devices
nuvi 295
nuvi 300/500/600/800/805 series
nuvi 5000
StreetPilot 500 series
zumo 400/500 (except the 590)/605 series

During the Garmin Express map update, to install the maps to the device and the computer:
1. Start the map update using Garmin Express
2. Choose the preferred region to be installed to the internal memory of the Garmin
3. Put a checkmark in the box next to "Use map with Garmin Basecamp" (This will install the full map image to the computer)
4. Click Continue

If the device has already been updated, the reinstall option can be used to install maps to the computer only.

Additional maps can be sent from MapInstall to a SD card.

Once the maps have been installed to the computer and MapInstall has been used to load the remaining maps to the SD card, the device will have the updated version of the pre-loaded maps.

Note: To use these additional maps, the SD card must remain in the device.