Shocking Surveillance of Our Driving



With all the traffic cams around and cities claiming they use the data for traffic and. Signal control, is it all that surprising this finally comes to light.

Can you say 1984?

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Not 1984

More like Eagle Eye or Enemy of the State.

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Not surprised

The real question is: Why is anybody surprised by this?

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Now, now

Just like RLC and SC you know its "For the Children". Our Government only has our best interest at heart, lol. Now if they can only figure a way to make some "Revenue" from this info. Oh wait, "Road usage Tax", charge people by the mile for driving!


This is nothing new for me. The City of Glen Cove here on Long Island installed pole mounted license plates readers several years ago using grand money from DHS. Their goal is to keep a database of ALL vehicles entering and leaving the city. As much as they insisted there would be no fishing expeditions, they did state they will keep the data for a significant amount of time which begs the question, why?

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They've always done this.

They've always done this. They just have better tools now.

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