deleting older map updates


Every time I update the maps, it fills the memory and now I had to buy a SD card. I think it is slower to respond because of accessing the SD card. If I do a factory reset, will it free up room by deleting all the old maps?

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My answer is based upon my

My answer is based upon my 660, but I would say "NO" don't do that...
I am now on an SD card (actually I cycle between the two of them, so I always have a backup SD card in case something unusual would happen..

I have left the last map that would fit on the 660, but it loads off the SD card due to the name change of the files...

I have tried a number of SD cards and find a slight speed increase on X8 or X16 cards...

Loading the maps are far faster in a USB Card reader than it used to be via the GPS USB connection, because the GPS (660 at least) is a V1 USB, whereas the Card reader is a USBV2.

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Old maps

There are no old maps left on the GPS when you do an update. The new map overwrites the old map. But having said hat, the updates are getting bigger every time and it is possible that your GPS does not have the capacity to store the new maps and it needs a SD card to do so!
There is a thread which lists the built in capacity for Garmin GPS's.

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IIRC, the older units had a 16 GB cap for SD cards, and the new models have 32 GB.

Make sure you have a Class 10 card. They read and write far quicker.

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