Atlanta HOV Lanes Northbound

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Last updated 12/02/2014

Raw file: Atlanta HOV Lanes North Beta.gpx (2.87 KB)

** This is currently a work in progress. **

Looking for help. See:

Navigating I-75 through Atlanta, for snowbirds can be tricky at the best of times. For those that choose to use the HOV Lanes, another challenge is added.

The HOV lanes are in the left lanes of I-75 and there are 3 or 4 locations where the HOV lane separates from the main portion of I-75 and then reconnects. This is compounded by the fact that I-75 also has some left hand exits.

To help navigate this confusion, I have created two sets of Waypoints, that can be added into your route, to force the GPS, to follow these divergences.

== This is where I have to warn that this is currently a work in progress. ==

With both the North & South Files, insertion of any single divergence waypoint, will work properly and route you cleanly onto the divergence and then reconnect you to the I-75.

Adding 2 or more divergence waypoints will cause the routing to take you onto city streets, and back in the opposite direction and then onto the divergence eventually. This makes no sense, other than to say, it's a Garmin.

Testing using Trip Planner, and going to simulation mode yields similar results.

If you ignore the GPS instructions to exit and continue on the highway, without exiting, I have to assume, that on an actual road trip, the GPS will simply recalculate and route you properly. I have no way to test this in a real drive, until March 2015, when I will be driving to Florida.

I welcome any brave soul to try it, but I'm sorry, to say you will be a Guinea Pig, for this whole experiment.

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