low overhead clearance


I am searching for a low overhead clearance POI file for my Rand Mcnally. I realize this must be a huge undertaking. I travel mainly Ontario, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky.

Got caught in a bad stiuation once! don't want that again

POI Files


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I've been using the "Low

I've been using the "Low Clearances" POI available from lowclearances.com About $15-20, but well worth the price.
However, don't depend on any POI to keep you safe! I use the Trucker's Atlas by Rand McNally to plan my route, then Streets & Trips with the POI installed. I also install the POI in my Garmin as another level of caution. Suppose it also wouldn't hurt to have my wife stand on the roof of the truck with binoculars too, but I doubt she would go along with the idea.