My poi not available to others


I've uploaded a poi to poi factory, I can find it if I'm logged in, but others cant find it, it doesn't show up on my list of maintained files and it doesn't come up in a search. What am I/did I do wrong? It also doesn't come up when another member who is logged on searches.

It should be coming

After being reviewed, it should be posted for all. Wait a day or three.

A person will review it

It is not automatic. A person will use software to make sure the formatting has no errors. Then it will actually be posted. Remember this is the weekend. Even so, it does not take that long.

Thanks for posting your file!

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Needs review so it can be verified correct


Nuvi 2460LMT.

File posted

Your file is posted. Thanks!

One suggestion - There is no need to post your email address. It could be harvested by bots. Anyone can contact you using your POI Factory contact form without any email address posted.

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I found it!!