Passport america by state


How can I or is it possible to d/l a PA file by ea state


You can download the file and then use EPE (Extra POI Editor) to save it by state into separate files

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Download the whole and manually separate by states/province

The campsites are listed in alphabetically order by the two-letter abbreviations of the states/provinces.

Open the csv file with Excel. It is relatively painless to scan manually through the file to a particular state/province and save the campsite entries in that state/province as a separate file.

common question

Splitting files so only specific states can be extracted is a fairly common question. The follow-on should be why would you want to do it? I can see the reasoning in doing some file splitting if you live in the US and never go to Canada. (Not that the Canadians aren't anything but wonderful people) but just don't want to get the now needed travel documents.) But asking for just one or two states out of a national file usually leads to dissatisfaction on the part of the splitter.

Let's just assume you split the Passport America file and pull out a single state. What happens if your plans change? What about campgrounds filling up or becoming unavailable and the next available one would be in the next state? You are out of luck because you don't have the data available in your GPS.

The effort needed to extract the data is excessive when you weigh it against the storage space on your GPS saved. First you have to open the source file, determine if it is organized by state, select the desired data, copy it to a new file or delete the other entries, save the file then load the data vice just loading the entire file. To me, after I decided I was going to split files "so they only covered areas where I normally travel" fell apart when I was on the border of my "usual" area and crossed into the next state. I had no data, no computer, no Internet nor any other way to access the information for the now new state. Last time I split a file with the exception of removing countries or certain stores from some combined files.

So, ask yourself the question is the 5 to 10 minutes it takes to rework a single file worth the effort over saving a couple thousand bytes of storage?

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Agree with A_user

Agree with A_user.

We have travelled extensively in our RV, for more than 18 years, throughout Canada and the US.

After many a long day on the road, we've searched for the "closest" campground ... which surprisingly, is just across the state or province border.

Missing the "closest" campground when you are tired and want to get off the road isn't worth saving the few bytes you would save on your GPS by splitting the file into states or provinces.

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