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I've been a member for awhile and I've used both Garmin and Tomtom. I found out this week that Garmin no longer has traffic for Chicago are. It's only available in some suburbs, like Tinley Park, Niles, Mt.Prospect.I need a new Gps that gives me better coverage of the Chicago area.
I need this cause I drive a truck. I dont want something that need to use cell phone to work.
thanks I know you all will help.

Same Problem

Several people on this website complaining of the same thing in the Chicago area. Some several years old, but all in the Chicago and suburban area.

Garmin has a traffic reception troubleshooting page, but I'm sure you've tried these suggestions already, just in case you haven't.

Chicago traffic

Your profile shows you have a 755T. The latest coverage map shows coverage in the Chicago area is extensive near the core. Coverage should be excellent from the Northbrook/Glenview in the north to Downers/Wheaton in the west and south to Orland Park/Oaklawn ares.

The coverage map for HD traffic gives more detail but the coverage areas are about the same.

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I have a 3490 nuvi thats a

I have a 3490 nuvi thats a few years old but was just updated a few weeks ago,I called Garmin and the coverage is just not like it used to be. I'm in Chicago weekly and would like to have something better than the $400nuvi I've bought in the past

In My Experience...

Although I can’t offer any useful information on Garmin traffic reporting in the Chicago area, I have had a lot of experience with it in the Northeast including Boston, New York and Baltimore.

I have used Garmin’s GTM 25, 36 and 60 receivers on a variety of GPSr’s starting with a Nuvi 265 up to a 3597. In all cases, the results were fair to poor with inconsistent, inaccurate or nonexistent reporting in areas which are included on traffic service coverage maps.

I followed all the tips outlined in Garmin’s troubleshooting FAQ link which was provided in TheProfs earlier post. I’ve also used Garmin’s Antenna Extension Cable: with mixed results.

Although far from perfect, I had the best performance using the GTM 60 with a Nuvi 3597. If you want to go that route, go here and click on “compatible Devices” for a list of GPSr’s that will work with the GTM 60:

Note the GTM 60 is included with the Nuvi 3597.

I eventually gave up on Garmin traffic receivers. I get much better overall traffic reporting using their “Live Traffic” with the “Smartphone link” app on my Iphone 5S. I also use WAZE traffic as a supplement.

I realize you are trying to avoid using a cell phone but consider this: My cousin also drives a truck and makes local deliveries in the Central NJ. area. He bought a used smartphone with Verizon pay as you go cell service and no data plan. His route takes him past many WiFi hotspots where he routinely updates his GPS using Garmin’s “Live Traffic” and WAZE traffic via “Smartphone Link”. His cell phone bill averages $20/month.

FYI, there are many POI files here at the Factory listing free WiFi locations:

This may not be practical in your situation but in my cousin’s case, it’s an interesting, low cost solution to the traffic reporting problem.

Cheap phone service

There is also a deal at WalMart that only has 100 minutes a month, but has 5 gigs of data for $30, through Straight Talk. That could be an option if the Garmin situation doesn't work out for you. For mapping with traffic data I use my phone most of the time now. What's interesting is when you pick a destination and if there is a lot of traffic it will reroute you to get you there as quickly as possible. I was out of town, didn't know exactly where I was and let the phone get me back. It did change the route on me midstream, but I'm sure it was for the best.

norbovee, what app are you

norbovee, what app are you using?