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Garmin began rolling out Garmin Express v3.2.19.0 for the PC and Mac today. If you would like to upgrade to the latest version, Check for Application Updates on the Settings page within the Express application. This version includes the following changes:

PC change log:

• Fixed an issue with the account creation and account logon window for Garmin Connect devices where the login window would freeze, and closing out caused the application to crash
• Date / time format for “Last sync” message now respects user’s computer date / time format preferences
• Fix for some devices displaying as incompatible
• Fix for device firmware updates for devices with low internal memory available

Mac change log:

• Fixed an issue with the account creation and account logon window for Garmin Connect devices where the “Loading Connect data…” message prevented the user from easily proceeding through to login

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I'll wait on this one...

I'm helping early IOS 8 adopters -- I'll wait on this one!

if you have an Apple device that can update to IOS 8, you should strongly consider upgrading (after a few days -- let others live on the bleeding edge) for the security changes alone. Yes, it may be slower on the 4S, but the security changes are important!

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Mine will not update

Opened and it shows an updated version is available, but it does not download and the update button is dead. Maybe they pulled the update or the servers are down.

Running and shows

Running and shows zero updates available. Typical Garmin

Garmin Express Update

My Mac notified me of this update at startup this morning. I installed it immediately because I've noticed that Garmin usually follows promptly by releasing a new map set.

Everybody have a great week.


no map update

Garmin Express update and map update are irrelevant. One is software to update your device, and the other is map itself. The only possible reason it is connected is that when the map needs a special handling that requires an update of the software. And you can usually see it in the changelog.

By the way, the next USA map update should be somewhere in late Nov (for version 2015.30), and other countries should be more or less around that time.

Thanks for the news!

Thanks for the news!

Thank You


Still no new version ... not

Still no new version ... not sure if that is a good thing or not based on past history GE


If you clear your browser cache you may well find that the download is available to you. Since others are able to download the update, I doubt your issues are of Garmin's doing.

In any event, you can always download the current version directly from the Garmin website:

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I loaded express up and checked for updates it said one was available so I updated and all went well so for now it works


installed it, seems like minor technical updates as usual.

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Thanks for the info. Seems

Thanks for the info. Seems to be working ok.