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is it correct, that the last update "Home Depot" is 01/28/2011?



Maybe the hackers stole the updates along with all the credit card numbers. razz

... just kidding of course ... just couldn't resist with H.D. in the news lately.

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Yes, mydamon, if you're referring to the US stores. It's even earlier for the Canadian locations.

As far as I can see, the maintainer of the file hasn't posted anything here for over five years. The maintainer does have a Contact tab for sending emails. You could try to contact him/her and see if they're still around or if the email info is even correct.

If the maintainer can't be contacted and if you're interested in taking over updates to the file, you could contact JM or GlobeTurtle.

It looks as though the file has officially been orphaned for quite some time:


In fact, even though the file was update in 2011, it was only to fix formatting errors in the file. The actual location data for the stores may not have been updated since January 2010 and that 01/10 update was probably performed by the administrators here rather than the file's maintainer.

Assuming that your GPS device has a current map, this is the time to search for Home Depots with your map's built-in POI locations rather than downloading and using the outdated Custom POI file available here, at least until the one here is revised some day.

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