Keeping The Windmill Alive - Your Last Trip? – September 2014


In danger of losing your windmill?

Maybe you can share the last place your GPS took you and if you encountered any problems, or if you used it to seek out special places to go (like Thai Food, ice cream shoppes, etc.).

Anything to keep your windmill alive.

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My last (bike) trip was around town, up some big hills, down by the river and back. Out geocaching.


We were at Bardabunga 4 days prior to it's first eruption in Iceland. Glad to say, we didn't hang around.



Just got back from picking up our new puppy in Indiana.


About to see if I can

About to see if I can increase my "Max speed" record over the current 605mph. If I can get the flight attendant to ask the pilot nicely maybe I can break 650mph! grin

Weekend Ride

Great ride and lunch with several friends to the Loco Coyote Grill just a few miles west of Glen Rose.

Eric M - Nuvi 2555 - IBA 46658 - TOH 151 - 2006 Honda Goldwing 2009 Honda Shadow -

Western PA

Staying off the roads today!

"If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score" Lombardi

On tv yesterday

Has anybody been to "Grumps Burgers" in Granbury, Texas?
Saw it on the tv yesterday as the #1 spot for hamburgers.
May take a drive down there. smile

Mary, Nuvi 2450, Garmin Viago, Honda Navigation, Nuvi 750 (gave to son)


a trip planned for last week had to cancel due to illness

Planned Trip for Sept.

Knoxville,Nashville,Memphis,San Antonio,Houston,Galveston,Cozumel,New Orleans,Charlotte,Myrtle Beach,Poconos then home Phewwww.
Nuvi 765T don't fail me now.


GPS sent me over an overpass and back onto freeway instead of continuing on freeway,i hate when that happens

To and From Atlanta Motor Speedway

It has been a while since I travelled to Atlanta for a NASCAR race. I could hardly believe the great improvements that have been made to the parking lots. They are easy to enter, great for parking, and easy to exit.

On previous trips, it was slow and tedious to enter and exit the lots. If it rained you were almost certain to get stuck in the soggy fields. No more.

And all of the improvements are updated on my GPS. Followed the suggested routes to and from the track without encountering any problems.

Thanks for the improvements Atlanta Motor Speedway and Garmin!

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Heading to New Orleans and Baton Rouge this week.

Streetpilot C340 Nuvi 2595 LMT

To my pool


Nuvi 2460LMT.

Lake Superior North Shore.

Just returned from a 4 day mini-vacation on Superior's North Shore near Beaver Bay MN. Stayed in a delightful cottage with my daughter and her family. We had a rainy day that restricted our activities, but enjoyed the beautiful scenery, some hiking at Gooseberry Falls and Split Rock, and spending the quality time with my grandsons.

My 3597LMTHD worked great with no issues.

Alan - Android Auto, DriveLuxe 51LMT-S, DriveLuxe 50LMTHD, Nuvi 3597LMTHD, Oregon 550T, Nuvi 855, Nuvi 755T, Lowrance Endura Sierra, Bosch Nyon


Drove down and visited James Madison's home Montpelier. VA State Troopers were out in force with a lot of speeders pulled over.

Illiterate? Write for free help.

Family Reunion

NE Tennessee to Huntington WV and back.

Fun was not had..... sad

NUVI40 Kingsport TN


Used both my Garmin and my Android. Google Maps does a better job, but my smartphone overheats when charging the battery with the screen on constantly, the GPS running and data streaming.

><> Glenn <>< Garmin nüvi 2598

Just keeping

ye old windmill alive.



Nuvi 660, 2555LMT


3 day golf trip to Buehler's in the Poconos.

Bob: My toys: Nüvi 1390T, Droid X2, Nook Color (rooted), Motorola Xoom, Kindle 2, a Yo-Yo and a Slinky. Gotta have toys.

To the mountains

Took a couple of day trips up the Blue Ridge Parkway and into the mountains in western NC, including one 10 mile stretch on a dirt road through the woods up the side of a mountain, which was shown on the GPS.

The Moose Is Loose! nuvi 760


To Centennial Airport (Code: APA) for an introductory flight lesson. The Cessna had a Garmin GPA. Interesting.

Too pricy for my blood. But. Tempting. Very tempting.

nüvi 750 & 760

Anaheim, CA

Anaheim, CA

Oregon Coast

Finding my way around Tillamook, Oregon this week.

Last Weekend

Philly area for a wedding. Glad I had the redlight camera POI file as there sure were a lot of alerts.


Heading out to another Coonhound show.


Nowhere Land

Just home and boring.

Another great week no matter

Another great week no matter where you are!



....and Annapolis.

Garmin Nüvi 265W

No Where

Just hung around the house.

Nuvi 50LM Nuvi 2555LM

Work, Store, Docs

Routine travel this week, with a couple of doctors visits. No issues.

safety cameras

I like the red light and speed camera POI's best

Recently the government here

Recently the government here changed the School speed to 30 KPH from the normal 50 KPH for several hundred streets in order to protect the children. So this became effective Sept 1, 2014...and out came the photo enforcement and additional cops with laser radar. Interestingly Sept 1 was a statuary holiday and they issued almost 200 tickets so that the children are protected.

The new speed zones are effective Sept 1 to June 20, Monday to Friday 07:30 to 17:30

Sort of like the photo radar unit they had placed in a school zone on Dec 25, 2013 at 11:00 "to protect the children".

Nothing but a cash grab...

Working on an update for the POI-Factory speed zone for Winnipeg as not all streets along the school are now 30...only 90+%

In the Rhine wine region...

Beautiful, simply beautiful.

And my new nuvi 2597 with the European maps on a chip worked very well.

Life is good (despite the 6.0 gift from Mrs. Nature).

Lake Placid

...from Ottawa and return. Used built-in GPS but had Nuvi 855 in case of difficulties.

If at first you don't succeed....redefine success

Car show if it doesn't rain

Fixin to go to a car show if the weather holds out.
Hope there are cars there...

Mary, Nuvi 2450, Garmin Viago, Honda Navigation, Nuvi 750 (gave to son)

Made a run to....

Newport Beach to catch a ferry to Catalina Island. Weather was perfect and the friends we went with were fun!

The old Nuvi worked perfect bit it might be time for a map update. Looks like it's almost cheaper to buy a new unit then the map upgrade sad


Going down south soon

"If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score" Lombardi

Stayin Home

With school back in session and kids out of control, I just want to get home and take a nap!

Garmin nuvi 2460LMT (2)

The Outdoor Campus

Napa/Sonoma Wine Country

Haven't heard how things are now weeks after the quake. Hopefully business as usual soon.

Checking in


non-native nutmegger



Frank DriveSmart55 37.322760, -79.511267

My last trip was from

My last trip was from Toronto Canada to Walt Disney World in Florida. My 3597 never ditched me anywhere. It worked flawlessly.

Iphone XR, Drivesmart 61,Nuvicam, Nuvi3597

San Jose to Sacramento

Gathering with some family friends.

Nuvi 2598 LMT Nuvi 3597 LMT

Went to Decatur Texas Car Show

We went to Giant Burger in the Exxon Station in Rhome (#1 Cheeseburger worth our going out of the way for) for early dinner then on to the car show. The road we take was closed for construction so we used our built in Navigation System in our Honda Accord for the first real time. It was set for fastest time so it was taking us down the highway. We like to go the back roads and I don't know how to make changes to the settings in a hurry on the Accord.
My Nuvi was in the cabinet at home as usual but I did have my tablet with my Viago on it. I turned it on and clicked on a road near where we were going and it showed the back way. As we approached the road the Viago showed us to take we turned and our Accord (Jill #2 as we call her) recalculated to the correct back roads. We made it just fine.
When we were ready to go home I pressed GO Home on the Accord system and it took the correct way home.
Nice to have.....

Still like the Nuvi best for long trips with routes planned but the Accord Navigation System along with my Nexus 7 with Garmin Viago work great for short trips.

Mary, Nuvi 2450, Garmin Viago, Honda Navigation, Nuvi 750 (gave to son)

Downtown Honolulu to

Downtown Honolulu to Wahiawa. No problems.


Wife used wrong cord to power GPS. She complained that it should have been better designed so that cord could reach from outlet to window mount...sigh.




Another Monday. Off to get ready for work.

Garmin Nuvi 2450
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