The world has always been a marvelous place, but these photos make it all the more incredible.

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54 Pics

Some really amazing photos there, thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for posting.

Thanks for posting.

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Thanks BobDee

That is really neat and if you follow the link shown at the bottom of the page you can see before and after versions.

Colorization indeed puts a different look to the pictures.

After watching the Victory at Sea Series during 1952-53 and many war movies in black and white, I recall it was a bit of a shock the first time I saw a war movie in color. I think it was “The Great Escape”. By then I had been in the USAF for 4 years and had been to Germany – so should have been adapted to seeing military scenes in color. I guess my mind had been trained to think WWII was fought in B&W. smile

Also after a long time of seeing baseball games televised in B&W I recall being almost overwhelmed by the color I saw when I went to a Cincinnati Reds game in 1959.

Oh so great

Memories.....and a few before my time.
Thanks these were so great.

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black and white.

There is something nostalgic about black and white photos, and I certainly remember when TV was B&W. My family got our first TV in 1953 and the first show I watched when I got home from school that day was a "Captain Video" episode and of course Howdy Doody. Does anyone else remember those old shows?

Anyway, the colorization definitely adds depth and reality to those old photos. Thanks for sharing.

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Awesome stuff BobDee, and

Awesome stuff BobDee, and thanks to Evert for pointing out the before and after shots.

I was born in the late 50's so I do remember the B & W TV shows and movies. I do have to say though, I much prefer color, I can't watch a lot of the old B & W stuff anymore. In fact since the introduction of high definition I have a hard time watching stuff that isn't.

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Fabulous photos.

Fabulous photos. Thanks.


Photo Shop Can Do It

You can colorize your own B&W photos to color using Photo Shop. It's a long and complicated process, too complicated for my abiliities. It must have taken a very long time to colorize those 54 photos.

You can do a search on Google using keyword "youtube colorize B&W photos" for various links to see how its done.

For those interested here is one of the links.

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BobDee wrote:

Color changes the look of history.

Great pics - whoever colorized the older ones did a great job. Thanks for sharing!

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