Push Pins File - Streets & Trips 2013


I have been using the above program to create my GPS Routes and have modified the Push Pins in the POI Mega File to fit my needs thus removing and adding pushpin sets.

My computer is old and slow so I purchased a new laptop and reinstalled Street & Trips 2013 from the original disk, but the POI Mega File has to be downloaded and installed from the net.
I am wondering if someone can identify the file that contains my modified pushpin set so I might add this file to the new Streets & Trip 2013 program files.

I am trying to eliminate the task of modifying the new POI Mega file again.


While this isn't

a S&T user forum there are a lot of people here very familiar with the program. If I remember correctly when you modify a map you are given the option to save the modified map set and then set it as the default. Find that map set name and try to copy it over to your new installation.

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