National POI Factory Get-Together ??


While responding to Bobkz’s forum topic on a POI Factory member get-together in the NYC area,

I wondered about the possibility of taking this idea to the next level. Perhaps a national get together next summer somewhere in the Midwest?

In my opinion, a gathering of POI Factory members would make an excellent inclusion in a summer road trip vacation or even a destination unto itself. Depending on the interest, we might be able to get reps from Garmin, Magellan etc. to attend if everyone promises not to throw fruit and stones. It would be an excellent opportunity to promote face to face, some of the great ideas for GPS hardware / software improvements proposed here at the factory.

Considering the international nature of our forum, I realize the time / cost factor might be a stretch for many of our members and may not be practical.

If the current 14346 page user list is accurate, times 20 per page, the total user estimate is close to 287,000! I have no idea how many of these users are currently active POI Factory members though (Angela??).

Any interest, ideas, comments or suggestions?