red light cameras


I just purchased a NUVI 350. I was wanting to load speed enforcement and red light cmeras into the GPS. 1st, Can anyone tell me if the red light cameras download also contains fixed speed zone enforcement? 2nd, after downloaded does it include audio and visual effects on the GPS?



speed cameras are in the works

We have been building a speed camera file behind the scenes and JM is in the process of figuring out how to incorporate it into the system so that when you get the red light camera file you also get the speed cameras file too.

They will be separate files, however I do know that some cameras are in both so we have to decide how to handle them and how it would affect your gps by having the two locations in as separate items.

We do have an BMP Icon library and one MP3 file, I am working on our sound library this week and I have many more sounds to upload, JM and I are working this week on the presentation of some of these new features.

Miss Poi

Woo Hoo!

Red light cameras and Speed Cameras! I really love this site. Thanks Ms. POI!

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Glad to hear that speed cameras are on the way!

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icon Library

Where do i find it?


Look at the top right hand side of the page. Under red light cameras, click on Icons.