Traffic Cameras: Cash Cows or Safety Necessities


DC Traffic Camera Update

The Washinton Times states, “The number of citations issued in the Washington D.C. District's speed-camera program fell from 21,687 in February to 4,527 in March -- a 79 percent decrease -- but the amount of fines the citations generated remained relatively unchanged."

The total revenue for speed and red light cameras has generated around $180 million dollars for the general district fund over the past few years. Does anyone think it’s odd that this cash cow for the district still generates the same amount of money while tickets have been reduced almost 80%? Smells fishy to me. Do you think these devices are used for safety reasons or cash generators? Jake


I think that as a pedestrian, it is used for our safety. As a politician it is used as a cash cow. As a driver, I think twice when I run into them. In a larger view, I think that the cameras benefit our cities but things are starting to change. Fines will start increasing to make up for fewer citations.

I think that as the general

I think that as the general population becomes more aware along with more cameras going up, there will be less violations. Thus you will see some redlight cameras being taken out (and less going up) since they are put up by a for-profit company (low profit margin now). Not sure on fines going though.