gatlinburg tn


anybody have any good poi for gatlinburg tn ? will be taking a vacation there in a month .

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Don't miss "Cades Cove". It's within Smokey Mountain National Park. It's not a short drive, but it's worth it. Don't forget your camera.


Miki, I am heading up there


I am heading up there at the end of this month. Please help with any other sites that I need to see. Also if anyone wants me to grab up certain coordinates while I am there, just send me a message.

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If you like schmaltz, schlock and bumper to bumper traffic...'ll have a blast in Gatlinburg. Otherwise, stay clear of the place. There's no end to touristy ways to spend your money and waste time there. will get you started.

My advice: if you like the outdoors, go a few miles to the Smokies and take a hike. Gatlinburg is literally abutting against the entrance to the park. I think the TN side is nicer, and there's tons of ways to enjoy yourself inside it, given that there's over 1000 miles of trails.

Or cruise around on one of the toruing roads, Cades Cove being the most popular, and the Roaring Fork Motor Trail being the other, that are very pretty, and have a lot of easy hikes off of them. Both are within minutes of Gatlinburg.

If you really want to cruise on your m'cycle, go around the mountain, or cross over it on Rt. 441, and check out 'the tail of the dragon' (the Cherohala Skyway) and the 'tree of shame.' Both are for motorcycle lovers, and the former is nirvana for serious riders.

If you do go into the park, download the POI for it. Most of the highlights are now in that file (Roaring Fork Motor Trail is one that is not yet, but it's easy to find. I haven't got the POI for the skyway entered yet either, but just put in the intersection of Rts. 143/129 and it'll get you there.


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Gatlinburg, tn

I am heading in that direction too. I know better than to go into Gatlinburg. I would like to find some nice trails for a short hike to an overlook etc. I have downloaded the Blue Ridge
and the Smokey Mountain Pois. Any other suggestions?

This will be my first chance to use a GPS and I am very interested in seeing how my new Nuve works it works.

If the Smokies and Blue Ridge aren't enough for you...

...there's still other national forests around the area. Pisgah, Nantahala and Cherokee all abut the Smokies. I haven't mapped out much of the poi's for any of them yet. Pisgah does have Sliding Rock but that's more for little kids to enjoy.

I'd think the Smokies could keep you very busy. The park is BIG. To wit: I've been out there 3 times in the last 9 months, and I've hiked only ~30-40 miles of trails out of the 1000+ it has.

If you want a different kind of adventure, there's also white water rafting. I haven't put those POI's in yet, but do a google search and a couple of companies will pop up in the NC/GA/TN corner of that region. I did it on two of the rivers out there, and the water is pretty good, class 3's and 4's. It's also a nice way to beat summer heat.


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