Miss POI... About Icons ...


Can you find one of the icons that I sent you ( a little martin form mar dude) that I would like it to be used for my offbeat poi files..

Also, FYI if anyone is looking for bmp files there are so many places you can go.. one good place is "www.NYSE.Com" (That is the New York Stock Exchange) and go to Listed Comany Directory. There browse for the company you are looking for and click on there name. You will find the logo that they use. Copy it and make it a 24x24 or 16x16 bmp file and your all set.. That site is for the public to use!

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I will add it to the library

I will add it to the library under the title Martian Man;) Thanks for the tip on where to find the icons. I have been working all day on building the library and right now we have 169 BMP Icons in our library!!! Great job everyone. Make sure to check the library before submitting from now on. I really do only need one of each. I choose not to use all the icons that were sent. Next I want to link them to the file areas that they might fit with.