What are folks doing this weekend?


I'm doing my now annual trip down to Douglassville, PA to a friend's place for the long weekend. (that's because they've had to suffer through my July 4th soirees for the past decade or so... grin ) I had been watching the Jones Beach Air Show prior because I so love the planes, but the crowd has grown too big for my pleasure...

Be safe out there


Striving to make the NYC Metro area project the best.

Smelling smoke...

...and monitoring the Slide Fire.

Going to

Florida! (and maybe a side trip to Disney).


Is a holiday when you are retired.

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Daughter is graduating from college. Woooo Hooooo. The bills are about to stop!



rthibodaux wrote:

Is a holiday when you are retired.

Besdes staying around Washington, DC is not a burden & avoids the traffic that's going elsewhere.

Contemplating the reason for the long weekend

We are free because of the brave who gave all. Remember them.

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Grillin', chillin' and maybe a little estate auction action.

Just for starters.

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ridin' my harley ...

I'm about 2000 miles behind for this season ... time to catch up

laugh out loud


it's the dog's fault

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Back to work.

To avoid the crowd. Took the vacation a week early. It is now the good time to make some overtime pay.

Riding with a Few friends

Gonna take advantage of decent weather before the liquid sunshine arrives and get some much need wind therapy with a few friends.

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Back Yard BBQ

Decided to stay off the overly crowded Long Island roads and enjoy a BBQ with family and friends. Hope the weather holds up. Would love to watch the airshow but crowds have been just too much. Fortunately, my house is in the flight path from Republic Airport and Jones Beach so we get to see many of the planes fly overhead as they head to the show. Enjoy the holiday and be safe all.


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Staying Home

Staying home, flying the flag, and enjoying son-in-law and daughter for visit. Everyone have a good and safe weekend.

Mt Rainer and BBQ

Heading for Mt Rainier this morning with daughter, her hubby and 3 grandkids (from Fairchild AFB). Tomorrow putting a brisket and ham in my Masterbuilt smoker. Add a macaroni salad and baked beans for a perfect day with family. Son would be here too, but he is in Sicily for a couple of days before setting down in Afghanistan.

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Honoring our Vets by staying out of the malls & dealerships

After all they didn't make the ultimate sacrifices or risked their lives so that we beneficiaries could "shop till we dropped" on their day of recognition & respect! There are plenty of opportunities to spend... before & after the holiday.

Exotic Dish

I'll be making this yummy dish called Shabu-Shabu!

Burning chicken on the grill.

Burning chicken on the grill.

Recovering from a cold

...while my wonderful wife drives up to bring our daughter home from college for the summer.

All in all, I'd rather be healthy and making the 6 hour drive each way!

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A quiet weekend with the

A quiet weekend with the grandkids.

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Ah no plans!

Ah no plans!

Working then cooking

I worked today and I'm working tomorrow, but Monday my wife and I are having family and friends over for a cookout. One batch of baby back ribs cooked low and slow and another batch hotter and quicker. Yum!


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Memorial Day Service and a BBQ

I use this day to remember all of my classmates, squadronmates and friends killed in aircraft accidents. We went to a simple but well-done Memorial Day Service this morning and plan to have a family BBQ this afternoon.

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Short Trip

We took a short (100 miles) trip to visit Mt. Cuba near Wilmington, DE. This evening, will toast all those in the military who gave their lives for us.

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Bryce Canyon

We are visiting Bryce Canyon National Park.

Wishing I was somewhere else.

Wishing I was somewhere else.

Flying the flag

and avoiding the drunks.

Stayed home.

Avoiding all Memorial Day traffic in my small touristy town.

well, now that it's monday night ...

... I put over 600 miles on my Harley during the three-day weekend.


it's the dog's fault

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