Inaccurate Mileage


I have added some Motel/Hotel locations. When I open the Lodging POI folder and see the listings with the miles they are NOT accurate. However, if I select the POI and then touch the location for the directions the mileage is accurate.

Example 1: (Home) Spanaway, WA to Comfort Suites in Astoria, OR is 142 mile, but from the folder listing it is 91 miles.

Example 2: (Home) Spanaway, WA to Starbucks in Ritzville, WA 243 mile, from the folder listing is 191 miles. NO location in any of the folders agrees with the actual. Some are close ... as close as 10 miles.

What is going on here??

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Strait line mileage vs calculated route mileage,

When you get a list of locations the nuvi will use "strait line" mileage as an estimate. When you actually select a destination and press Go, it will calculate a route using the map and your routing preferences.

If you think about it, you want it to work this way. Otherwise, it would take "forever" for the nuvi to display a list of POI's if it had to calculate a real route to every point.

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I "now" remember reading a post about the POIs and straight line calculation.

Thanks for stirring up the gray cells.

Garmin nuvi 2460LMT (2)


Thanks for the heads up on this. I usually have done calculations on Mapquest first when I travel, but I'll keep this in mind if I ever initiate travel plans on my Nuvi.


Just a friendly reminder that a wealth of information can found within our FAQ section smile

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