Garmin 2757 Voice breakup


Hello all, I am currently having an issue with the voice (Samantha) breaking up. When she is announcing directions that are more than a word or 2, the speech is noticably broken up. I have deleted my track data on the unit. I was going to update the unit, but reading the mess that is the current update I'm stumpted as to what to do. Any suggestions.

Garmin c340 265WT 1490T 295W 2460LMT 2555LMT 2757LM

Hard reset

Since the track data deletion did nothing, I'll suggest a hard reset:

I agree to hold off for now on updating your map since there are problems Garmin needs to fix first.

Try A Different Voice

Unlikely but perhaps the Samantha voice file is corrupt.
You can try a different English voice that hopefully you have on your Nuvi. If that voice works properly I would delete the Samantha voice. Next use WebUpdater and download the Samantha voice again.

Don't use Garmin Express at this time since their are so many issues with the 2015.10 map downloads.

Nuvi 2460LMT 2 Units