Improvised Parking (in planning)


I've been thinking about(and marking/saving points) creating a POI file for improvised parking for trucks, RVs, or any large/long vehicle or combination.
I welcome anyone else who wants to contribute or otherwise help with this project.
This will concentrate on side-of-the-road pulloffs, historical markers with a pulloff, state DOT maintenance staging areas (e.g. rock-pile lots), abandoned business lots (defunct trucks tops, etc), and repair shops with large open lots. Even hotels with large vehicle lots.
The basic idea is to have a list of places to go for those emergency pit-stops, 30 DOT breaks, or when you're so tired you HAVE to stop before you fall asleep and are in the middle of nowhere or all normal parking is full.
These are all to be relatively safe and somewhat established places. No hanging over into the travel lanes, etc. I'm going to include a general size description in the form of Huge 20+ vehicles (Hg), Large 10-20 vehicles (Lg), Medium 4-10 vehicles (Md), and Small 1-3 vehicles (Sm). Possibly an extra small (Xs) (1 vehicle).
The uniform naming scheme I'm going to use would be for example:
"US183Ns @I80E - Hg Dirt Log/Rockpile Area" would mean the a huge lot at on the corner of Northbound (note the Uppercase "N") US183 and Eastbound I80 but also accessible from the Southbound (note the small 's') side of US183 as well.
"US385Ns Wray,CO - Lg Open Lot @ Reapir Shop" would mean a large parking lot of a repair shop in or near Wray, CO. It is located on US385 on the Northbound side but accessible from both sides.
I will always put North and West first, but change the caps accordingly.
I've got a list going already and will start uploading it soon. I expect this will be a pretty huge and never-ending project that will help many people find a spot to pull it over when all else fails.

I've got nearly 50 locations now to start this with. Most of my locations are in NE and KS since I mainly stay in the Midwest. I've been too busy lately to pull them from my gps but I'll be able to start on it soon.

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sounds like

a great idea.

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Good for you.

Great Idea

You might want to list how high some structures are for parking, like airports, shopping malls, etc. for us that have vary high, raised vehicles.

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That's a good idea I hadn't thought of.

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Here's one for your list


Milestone Shopping Center accessible from I-270 EW @ Exit 16. Suggested area is behind Kohl's, Best Buy stores. I'd classify the entire center as Large but the recommended area would be closer to small/medium.

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I'll add that in. In the next week or so I hope to have some files posted as an official project.

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