Reading posts on poi-factory


Reading Posts on poi-factory

When you are new to poi-factory, it is likely that you are trying to find the answer to some question/problem. Likely the answer will be somewhere in some thread, but how do you find it?

We would suggest that you first try looking in the INDEX TO FAQs and Reference Pages. Pick a topic; look at the possible references; likely the answer will be there.

OK - you haven't found the answer. The next thing you might try would be a "Search". At the top of the left hand pane is a "Search" box. Enter some keyword that will get you closer to a possible answer. Say you are interested is TourGuides. Type tourguide into the Search box and you will be returned over 700 possible threads - with tourguide as the only "Keywords"

You can narrow the search by adding another Keyword. Adding "alert" will reduce the results to some 600 threads. Adding another Keyword like .wav will reduce it to 230 results.

This is still a lot of threads to look through. Maybe someone recently has had a similar question - but how do I go about reading posts?

Start by trying to limit your reading to Forums that might apply.

The possible Forums include:

Welcome / open talk (introductions and other misc. topics)
Garmin talk (nuvi, StreetPilot, zumo, etc.)
Magellan talk (Maestro, RoadMate, etc.)
Rand McNally talk (RVND, TND, etc.)
TomTom talk (ONE, GO, RIDER, etc.)
Smartphones & Tablets (iPhone, Android, etc.)
Other GPS brands
Mac topics (using GPS with Mac computers)
Ticket cameras (red light, speed & safety cameras)
Creating POI files (how to build POI files, convert between formats)
POI projects (announcements, ideas, etc.)
Travel stories (share highlights from your travels)

It would make sense to limit your initial reading to a Forum that might have an answer.

Clicking on the button "Discussions" will take you to a screen with all of the Forums displayed. Clicking on a particular Forum Topic, will give you a screen with all of the threads in that Forum - starting with any "sticky" and then ordering the threads according to the least amount of time since the last post in that thread. Clicking on a thread will take you to the first post in that thread.

Recent Posts will give you all the threads ordered by the least amount of time since the last post in that thread.

By design, "Unread Posts" takes you to the post(s) in a thread which you have not yet read. If you have not yet read any posts in the thread, you will be taken to the first post in the thread.

So just starting out, you might go to Unread Posts and click on the "Forum Preferences (Favorites / Hide)" near the bottom of the left pane. Then, check the "Hide" button on all but the one Forum you think might have the answer you are looking for.

The final suggestion for a new member is to mark all Forums as read so you start out fresh. To do this you must go to Discussions and then click the "Mark all topics as read" link in the left pane.