Can you add the large JCV file to the Nuvi 2797?


I tried to add the large JCV file to my 2797 but could not find a JCV folder in the internal card. So I created a JCV folder inside the Garmin folder and put the JCV file there but it didn't work. Any suggestions?


Two things:

1. You don't need the large JCV file on a 2797 unless you want to replace the split screen views you currently have with ones that will take up the whole map screen. The JCV files you have on the device have exactly the same number of views as the "large" file. The only reason the large file is bigger is because the the view picture is bigger and not because there are more views.

2. The large downloaded JCV file should be placed in the JCV folder which is inside the .system folder on the Nuvi. In order to access that folder you need to put the 2797 in Mass Storage mode as by default it's in MTP mode and change the "view options" in Windows so that all systems and hidden files and folders are visible.

IMHO your better off leaving the Nuvi and Windows as is. smile

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