That extra 500 miles/stop will cost you $$$ on your insurance (GPS Tracking)?

Not only will this insurance Co. be able "to locate policyholders by GPS and charge them insurance rates per mile driven... and can even record the route driven by the policyholder."

I can think of a host of associations to this development but I would hate to spoil the fun & indignation for others.

What was not clear is if

What was not clear is if this was an opt-in option for the drivers using this insurance company or if they intend to apply this across the board.

Of course some levels of government would love to monitor for tax revenues.

It connects to the OBD-II port. Hold on to your pre-1994 vehicles!


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those programs help to cut down fraud. There are so many people who register their vehicles not where the vehicle is garaged, and also misreport how many miles they drive to and from work.

I am 100% for red light cameras. But I am not for gps tracking by insurance cos.