How to copy a track from Basecamp to a GPSmap 60CSx

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What you need here is:

  • A Garmin GPSmap 60CSx unit with the correct USB cable

  • Garmin Basecamp

Items in BOLD denote physical or electronic buttons
Items Italicized denote menu items or text labels

The steps in Basecamp:

  1. Start Basecamp.

  2. Start the GPSmap 60CSx. Wait until the satellite search page starts up.
  3. Plug the unit into the computer.
    At this point, Basecamp should detect the unit and show you it's drive on the upper left hand pane under Devices.

  4. Assuming you already have a track in mind, select the track, right click on it, select Send To... and go to the bottom. It should read something similar to Devices, GPSMap60CSX (Unit ID 3810xxxxxx). Click on OK.

The unit will beep audibly once when the transfer starts. After a bit of time, the track has been transferred to the internal memory in the GPSmap 60CSx under the 'Tracks' menu location. The display on the unit will read "Transfer Complete" at the bottom.

To check for certain it's really in there:

  1. Hit the Menu button twice.

  2. From the menu, select Tracks.
  3. Scroll down to the saved tracks area and see if your track is there.


  • There is a strict limit on the unit of 20 saved tracks total.

  • When imported from Garmin Base Camp, each track is limited to 500 points. Longer tracks will be truncated (chopped) at 500 points.

That's it. Enjoy.